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January 2015 Prayers

We went for prayers at church on the evening of 31st December 2014 which went all night to 2015 January 1st. That was the time when we brought together all church members to have a   small party and we contributed little to buy some sugar to prepare tea for the widows and needy children who couldn’t afford to get something at all at home.

After prayers, where we just used tin paraffin lamps to provide light, through the night, in the morning, there was a morning praise and worship. Which was followed by testimonies from members on what God has done to us. Even though many of our members are living on daily bread, less than a dollar, still we gave thanks for the life that our Father has given us.


1) How lovely is your tabernacle,o Lord of hosts.

2) My souls longs, yes, even faints For the courts of the lord,my heart and flesh cry out for the living God. 10 for a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere,i would rather be a door keeper in the house of my lord than dwell in the tents of wickedness.

How We Celebrated Christmas 2013

Christmas is the only day that many try to spare for celebrations. Last year our was a bit different from others. No special diet, no special clothes, just a day of thanking God for his protection thru-out the year. Yes, we would wish to, but our finances can’t allow even a Christmas tree with lights. We went to church on the 24th evening, to pray. It rained, thus making many late to arrive. We worshiped and prayed till dawn. Then took a short break. There was tea prepared for the members. We then resumed prayers at 9am to 1pm. Many left for home while us officials remained. Unfortunately many of the members just spend the day at the nearest shopping centre. There was nothing special. Twas there that we saw some wealthy people taking soft drinks. At 5pm I headed home where my family was. My wife didn’t even do her hair. I found her just reading the bible while the kids were playing. We took supper and twas the end of Christmas. I pray this will be different. I hope and pray to treat my family and to buy gifts for them some day.

Dought Problems Persist

It is the fourth season in Siaya where our crops have dried up.. we entirely depend on subsistence farming as a way of livelihood. For the past 3 years,we have been depending on imported maize contaminated with aflatoxin poison from UGANDA.. and also on RELIEF RATIONS from the government. Unfortunately the rations come once in 2years.. We don’ t know what we are gonna do, since we are jobless. Our widows and children are starving. Please donate any amount to help..we will appreciate. GOD BLESS YOU.

Prayers At House Of Member Of Church

After service I was invited to the house for prayers. The family had requested and needed prayer. I found out that they were in a desperate condition. There house was leaking from the roof, it was grass thatched. They also had 6 children who were lacking school fees. My fear is if they don’t go to school, they might fall prey to early pregnancies and marriage. May God provide for them. Psalms 91 He who dwell in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the ALMIGHTY. BLESS YOU WHO IS WILLING TO SUPPORT MY MINISTRY. MATHEW 5:1-14 v1 Then they came to the other side of the sea, to the country of Gaderenes. v2 and when he came out of the boat.immediately there they met a MAN OUT OF THE TOMBS..A MAN WITH UNCLEAN SPIRIT,who had been DWELLING among the the TOMB and no one could bind him,even with CHAINS. THE devil did 6 things in this man’s life. after taking him HOSTAGE. He didn’t have mercy even after doing all kinds of torture. He does the following:  1.REMOVES THE IDENTITY. I believe that the man had an official name. like Sam, Peter that was given to him by parents. Instead he made this man nameless. That’s what anyone possessed gets reduced to. This man had no name. He was being referred to as A MAN WITH UNCLEAN SPIRIT. That’s how he was. 2.REMOVES TITLE from king to madman. The guy was now known as a madman. Either he was a leader. 3.ISOLATES the man who had relatives, parents was now staying away from home in longer did they value him as their blood relatives.but an outcast.continued. 4.SEPARATES FAMILY MEMBERS The devil created a separation in that guys family. The brothers and parents were not feeling any sympathy for. They looked at him to rather be dead than alive. 5.TORMENTS.After doing all these still the devil wasn’t was not enough.the man was in in cold,eating nothing,cutting himself with stones.verses 5.he had been crying.but when he saw Jesus,the evil spirit started begging. Because the king of kings had arrived.he who is lord over enemies.verses 8-14. Jeremiah 17.7 blessed is the man who trusts in the lord.

Cooking Our Food

Here we use the 3 stones or 3 fireplace as a stove. Then we light sticks and place pot on it. It easy the cheapest that our poor people can afford. But the effects are that the smoke emitted is so poisonous to the women they sometimes get cancer, just the way cigarette smokers do. At times the children develop eye problems that affect there education, and many deaths have been reported as a result of house fires from sparks because they are grass thatched.

We pray for blessings to get improved stoves for the families. They cant afford them, but they emit less smoke and are safe for children. Please consider a donation to help us purchase safe cooking stoves.