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Dought Problems Persist

It is the fourth season in Siaya where our crops have dried up.. we entirely depend on subsistence farming as a way of livelihood. For the past 3 years,we have been depending on imported maize contaminated with aflatoxin poison from UGANDA.. and also on RELIEF RATIONS from the government. Unfortunately the rations come once in 2years.. We don’ t know what we are gonna do, since we are jobless. Our widows and children are starving. Please donate any amount to help..we will appreciate. GOD BLESS YOU.

Distribution of Relief Food

Today I witness the distribution of Relief food from the governor’s office following persistent drought which had affected the crop production in the area for two seasons. I am happy that at least some of my church members are getting the share of 1kg of dry maize. The pictures are below. It will push them today. Praise the lord. This shows how the situation is here. people are going hungry, women and children most affect.

Deutronomy 15:11

For the poor shall never cease out of the land , there for I command you saying you shall open the hand wide unto thy brother, to the poor and the needy in thy land.