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Touching testimony

Today at Church service, after preaching on Trusting God. This young lady who is our new member gave a testimony of what she had gone through after he parents passed away. God made it possible for her despite the challenges to reach her final year at high school. She is now pleading with wellwishers who can support her through her college education. Please pray for her. God is able. And he will open a way.


Jacob had twelve(12) sons, and in their names put together was the gospel hidden but now revealed through it. Its so amazing how God hid all these wonderful truths inside simple names and stories. Here are the names and their meanings: *NAMES* *MEANING* Reuben: Behold, A Son is born to us Simon: One who hears Levi: Attached Judah: Praise the Lord Dan: He judged Naphtali : My Struggle Gad: Good fortune Asher: Happiness Issachar: Reward Zebulun: Honour Joseph: Add to my family Benjamin: Son of righteousness When the names are joined together, this is what it says: _BEHOLD, A SON IS BORN UNTO US, ONE WHO HEARS US AND BECAME ATTACHED UNTO US. PRAISE THE LORD. HE JUDGED OUR STRUGGLES AND BROUGHT US GOOD FORTUNE, HAPPINESS, REWARD, HONOR; HE ADDED US TO HIS FAMILY AND CALLED US THE SONS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS._ Wishing you a happy new year 2019

Best way to celebrate Christmas. 25/12/2018.

Merry christmas. Please use this day to help put a smile in a family who cant afford to buy a gift for themselves. Pray for the sick, bereaved, those in prison,homeless ,orphans and widows.. Your little donation to a neighbor even just a kilo of sugar will remain forever in their memories. Its the best time to plant a seed..

Celebrate christmas with Orphans and widows

Its another Christmas season and some of our beloved members have left us Like Dorothy and Anjeline .They are now resting with our Lord in peace,I wish to celebrate with their families and to confort them for the loss.They are desperate and will not be happy like other families.There are also this children and widows who will not to have something special to celebrate the Christmas,I request you to join me in this .last year I did it and about 20 widows were happy ,if you help me serve the lord through bringing joy to this needy family < god will bless you.Even 5$ will be can donate to this page.God bless you . Mathew 25:35 For I was hungry and you gave me food,I was thirsty and you gave me drink,I was a stranger and you welcomed me.