Roofing the latrine Complete.

Praise God we managed to sacrifice to reach here..We had to find a way to fix the roof and doors as unkown people could have pushed the wall down.So we are now praying for materials to finish the work .

we still need air vent,curtain wall to separate women and men,and a urinal place for men..We need to plaster and paint the latrines before it can be used.

We need materials like 200 bricks,10 bags of cement,Pebbles,Sand,Pipes,Paint and tiles if possible.I trust that the Lord who had started the work will complete it for his Name to be Glorified.He is a faithful God and may he bless all who have been with us in the process from the onset till now.

Form 2 Parents day

Wesley was used as an example of modest disciplined and clean student in form 2.

Was attending another parents meeting at Bar olengo secondary school.I represented 3 students .Amongst other things,the teachers touched on training students to fear God and discipline.They need us to furnish them too with Rims,books,bibles,calculators and new uniforms too.Please also help pray against the spirit of setback that may make them drop out of school as majority come from families that dont have proper education.

Latrine work in progress..

Assessing the work

After receiving materials,we started the second phase of the work that is constructing the latrine walls.We pray that it will be completed soon ..Then roofing and finally the doors which we still dont have.With prayers we will see it through at Gods appointed time.God bless anyone who will be touched to help with some bags of cement ,timber ,iron sheets,bricks and doors.

We still need to build the curtain wall and urinal on the side that separates men and women .We also need to plaster the whole to make it strong.

Received Materials for latrine construction..

offloading 5 bags of cement
Offloading bricks at the church site
Sand and Bricks on site

Praise God.We were blessed to get some materials for construction of the church latrine.This will help in the second phase of the work.May God bless all who have blessed this work.We still need more bags of cement and bricks to construct the urinals for me.and iron sheets and timber for doors and roofing.

Please be blessed always as you continue praying for the work.

Psalms 90:17. 17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest on us; establish the work of our hands for us— yes, establish the work of our hands.