Help for Caroline medical fund

Caroline is a widow,last time she had no house and she was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus ..She is currently in pain and needs support for food and treatment..

She has a family of 3 kids who are in school.Please any well wisher can help by donating anything ..I will share with her.

Sharing is Caring

In life,we need to share with others who are in need.This is my Wife Benter,we have been taking care of this old widow Catherine.It has been a great honour to bless such People.I pray for every hand that cares for the needy.May God always bless you even though you take the little you have and still give it to others..Please continue blessing them through us.We have many widows and orphans who need school fees ,uniforms,food and even books..the schools are opening for first term but they cannot afford any.

Pray for orphans

It is never easy to be an orphan.Some of them had parents who died leaving them at the mercy of relatives who never cared for them.instead the grabbed everything left for this little ones.

Somemay blame them .know that when one is left an orphan,they have to start taking care of the 10 years you take the role of parent.You either have to drop from school,you have to be ready for the beatings,name calling,threats and hard work for you to earn a living.

One has to sleep on floor or on verandah in the cold..Please if you know any orphan.Please help because your reward is in heaven.

Elekiah to miss exams for lack of fees

Dear brothers and sisters in christ,

This is one of my kids that i started supporting back at the primary school.By God,s grace he passed exams and went to high school and now he is at Jooust university Bondo- Siaya persuing a degree in   Education science..He has just texted me this morning that he wont be allowed to sit for his exams if he doesnt pay 100 dollars.We hope that he will be able to support other needy children when he completes successful

I plead with anyone to assist this boy .If you check on my blogs you will find his story.Please lets help him.Any donation is welcomed..

Any amount will be welcomed.God bless you all