Stephens Plight addressed at Church

Today ,the mother of Steven Otieno a a a candidate at Obambo Primary school,who had not reported back to school to register for the final exams shared her challenges with us..i noted with concern that he didnt have stationeries and had accumulated balances at Grade 7.

I therefore took over the responsibility of paying for his fees and talked to the Head teacher to allow him to be registered.I went and bought the Books and pens (as shown).The mother will processed the required documents and and we will support him till he sits for the exam this year.

He is still gonna need the remaining balances and more support.Please continue s

and supporting the needy .He is now a happy boy,he will be in class like others.God bless you all.

Stephen Otieno..

Elekiah Okumu-University Support request

By God,s Grace,,Elekiah Okumu who is at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University got a blessing today of foodstuffs from me to support him at the college..He is persuing education course He will finish next year 2023 in July.It has been challenging but the Good Lord Jesus is with us helping him miracoulously to proceed without deffering because of lack of fees.

Please continue praying for him.He is featured in the previuos blogs.Will share photos later.

School fees for Peter &Merryline.

As the schools opened,am thankful and grateful that i managed to pay some fees for the needy children that are in my custody.They and others not mentioned are in need of stationeries,Books,school fees,and being a cold season.some need blankets too.

The schools opened recently and i also provide lunch for those orphans who have no one to help them so that they can not fall dizzy in class.

Please may God bless you as you continue to support the ministry.


God is good.We are still in the gradual process of completing the inside.The challenge has been famine which had diverted our attention to buying food for needy families and orphans.

We also did much of shoes for school going kids.This month,i want to balan ce.Already we managed to start the construction work.Remember we still need Windows and doors which i trust will come at the appointed time.