Pray for orphans

It is never easy to be an orphan.Some of them had parents who died leaving them at the mercy of relatives who never cared for them.instead the grabbed everything left for this little ones.

Somemay blame them .know that when one is left an orphan,they have to start taking care of the 10 years you take the role of parent.You either have to drop from school,you have to be ready for the beatings,name calling,threats and hard work for you to earn a living.

One has to sleep on floor or on verandah in the cold..Please if you know any orphan.Please help because your reward is in heaven.

Elekiah to miss exams for lack of fees

Dear brothers and sisters in christ,

This is one of my kids that i started supporting back at the primary school.By God,s grace he passed exams and went to high school and now he is at Jooust university Bondo- Siaya persuing a degree in   Education science..He has just texted me this morning that he wont be allowed to sit for his exams if he doesnt pay 100 dollars.We hope that he will be able to support other needy children when he completes successful

I plead with anyone to assist this boy .If you check on my blogs you will find his story.Please lets help him.Any donation is welcomed..

Any amount will be welcomed.God bless you all

‘After this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans… ‘(v. 16)

Paul turns from sending specific greetings to giving more general greetings — to the brothers at Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her house. Generally the Early Church met for worship, instruction and fellowship in homes, as we can see from such verses as Romans 16:5,1 Corinthians 16:19, Philemon 2 and Acts 12:12. Paul asks that his letter be read in the Laodicean church as well, and the Colossians in turn were to read the letter from Laodicea. Obviously Paul also wanted the Laodicean believers to be aware of possible threats to their faith. This exchange of letters shows the importance of reading all we can. The more Scripture we absorb the stronger our defences against false teaching will be.
Father, may I be diligent in my reading of Scripture. Help me to learn all I can do that I may not waver in my faith. Amen.
Have a blessed Wednesday.


‘Here there is no Greek or Jew … but Christ is all, and is in all. ‘(v. 11)

We live in an age seeking equality of opportunity for all, yet this verse, written so long ago, is the charter of equality. There just cannot be any distinctions in Christ. You are governed by something else. Then notice also the words ‘Christ is all, and is in all’. What Paul means is this:Christ is all that matters. If Christ becomes all in all to us we cannot remain the people we were. What is more, everyone else becomes all in all also because we realise Christ dwells in them too. Why is the Church so slow in showing the world that what a classless, raceless society is like? I am afraid there can only be one answer: Christ is not all in all.
O Father, You inspired Your servant Paul to sweep the decks of all discrimination. May we, Your people, fully implement it. Amen.
Have a blessed Tuesday.