Happy New Year 2020.

We praise theAlmighty God for having protected us through out the years till now.He is a faithful God that will never forsake his faithful children.We pray for your success in everything you plan to do this year.We also plead with you for Support for our children ,widows and the sick.Most of the boys are going back to school back they lack fees,stationeries and Uniform..One of them Rodrique is going to sit his final elementary exam ,one is in College(Elekiah Okumu) .the others are in high school and primary school In total about 7 of them.Please dont feel shy to support them with even 5 ,10 or even 20$.

Christmas season 2019

Its another Christmas season.Last year we made families and orphans in our church to smile like the others who are well off.We tried with a little that God gave ua to bless them with food and clothes.Its never too late,still we can make some widow and orphans and old mothers who have been in pain to feel the Love of Christ.Please join me by Donating even a cloth,shoe ,any amount will be appreciated.You can donate and bless someone.God bless.