Wheelchair repair for  friend

New tires for the wheelchair.

I had prayed for blessings to help my friend with his only means of movement..the wheelchair repair

The tyres were worn out and he was finding it hard to moves as the roads are murram.Today as you can see ,he is happy to see that he will have them  on his bike.

God bless for your prayers and support.Putting a smile on his face makes us show love as required by the scriptures.

Pray for Mother in law

Wound that has given her much pain

Benters Mum has been so sick for along time.She developed that wound but has tried treatment from local dispensary which has not succeeded.I decided to intervene and have plans to take her to County refferal hospital for tests to find out what it could be and then treat her.

Please pray for her quick recovery.She has had sleepless nights because of pain.