Sanitary Pads for girls in September 2023

Ladies in Church receiving sanitary pads.This month of september 2023.

As it started,i had concerns from the ladies in Church.i felt their plight .But am happy that i still managed to get this pads every month .Its a pong journey as the number of those missing gets bigger.

Please pray for us to be able to get enough pieces.They used to be 10,then 12 and now they are about 25 .

God bless .

Blessing Widows

Domtila receiving foodstuffs.
Gaudensia also receiving some food stuffs..

This month was a difficult one as i had funerals to attend to.but still i managed to bless our widows to extend the love of Christ .I pray that God will bless us to do more next time.Though they appreciated and send their gratitude.

God bless you too my family of Christ for always standing with us .

Giving Mama Cathrine Omolo last respect .

After 3 weeks of planning for the funeral of our beloved mama Cathrine,We finally gave a good send off on Saturday the 16th Sept 2023.We will miss her so Much.I want to thank all our friends who prayed for us and supported us in many ways.This made us pay for the mortuary bills,Coffin and transport of the body back home.God bless you all and please continue praying for the family.Loosing someone isnt easy and it takes time to accept and move on.