Elekiah Okumu joines University (joust)needs support.

Dear brethrens and sisters in Christ,i thank God having taken us through this far with support of our orphans and needy boys through their education.This boy started in primary school,went to High school and finally through God,s grace is joining campus this month. He has needs that is tying him down. Please if we can help him,i trust that he will help other needy kids in future .Any donation will be appreciated.please use the link on this page. Even 5 or 10 will help. God bless.

Life can be unfair

I know some may think this is real i have personally slept this way and i know many kids orphans who sleep on a dusty floor with misquitos biting them .So if what we can do is pray and help when we can.God bless.

Prayer request for Ann.

Ann is a widow,her husband passed on last year and left her with four children,She has no way of feeding them and paying fees.I have struggled to support her but she needs a breakthrough. Please pray for her family.She is constantly depressed.