How We Celebrated Christmas 2013

Christmas is the only day that many try to spare for celebrations. Last year our was a bit different from others. No special diet, no special clothes, just a day of thanking God for his protection thru-out the year. Yes, we would wish to, but our finances can’t allow even a Christmas tree with lights. We went to church on the 24th evening, to pray. It rained, thus making many late to arrive. We worshiped and prayed till dawn. Then took a short break. There was tea prepared for the members. We then resumed prayers at 9am to 1pm. Many left for home while us officials remained. Unfortunately many of the members just spend the day at the nearest shopping centre. There was nothing special. Twas there that we saw some wealthy people taking soft drinks. At 5pm I headed home where my family was. My wife didn’t even do her hair. I found her just reading the bible while the kids were playing. We took supper and twas the end of Christmas. I pray this will be different. I hope and pray to treat my family and to buy gifts for them some day.

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