Merryl Akinyi Support request.

Merryl is a grade 5 pupil and she stays with her grandmother,who is not able to take care of her needs like school fees ,clothing and shoes.She is one of the children who are in the lunch program.I also bought her shoes to replace the ones which she had that were not in a good condition to enable her walk 5 km to and from school .

Please continue praying for her.As a young girl,she is vulnerable and i wanna ensure that she is protected and taken care of to avoid being targeted by predators who take advantage of young girls by luring them.When a child lacks she can fall prey to the bait set by criminals.She has to walk 5 kms to fetch water for use every day after school.Would like to be able to pay water vendors to do the work instead so that she can find time to study.I am also supporting her with fees at school.Please any donation towards her support will be appreciated.God bless ..

Meryl going to fetch water after school carrying 20 litres jericans.

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