Zarachia School support to new school

He joined secondary school and has been doing well currently in form 2.The challenge is that he has to be relocated to a nearby school with affordable fees and where he can be assisted easily.This is after  those who promised to sponsor him in the national school dumped him and the mother who is a widow also cant raise the fees.Provincial schools fees are expensive and only the rich can afford them.

I have bought him new uniforms and shoes  and now planning to help him join Bar olengo secondary.Note that he is still at home and i pray that before 26th He will be back in school.However he still needs more support to be able to catch up and be allowed in class.

I trust that God will help us to support all the orphans achieve their dreams and change their families.The number is growing as only this month i had to cater for 11 high school students fees and still need more support.God bless.

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