Sunday Service – October 5th 2014

Genesis 12

Now the Lord had said to Abram. Get out of your country, from your kindred, and from your fathers house, to a land which I will show you. I will make u a great nation, I will bless you. And make your name great. I will bless those who bless you and curse him who curses you and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed. It means that we are called into salvation. Where we have to let go all the evil ways, worshiping idols which our fathers did,. Abram was a great man of God. The Lord did speak to him, just the way he is speaking to us, but v4 says that he took his brother lot, wife, servants whom I am sure carried there small gods. v7 the Bible says that he was just shown the promised land. Why because he had gone against what God said. Then he passed thru it and headed to Egypt. because of famine.. you see disobeying God leads to famine , problems which can make people go back to older ways. Finally when he separated with lot, it is then that the Lord shown him the land.

Genesis 13, 14

And the lord said to Abram after Lot had separated from him. Lift your eyes now and look from the place where you are.

Genesis 15

I give you all the means that we have to make sure that we are following the Lords direction s if we want blessings.. In other words, we have to be faithful, we have to shun all the evil ways that our father, families were doing. We have to be born again to be Saved.. through Jesus blood.. amen. Am glad we were blessed. The widows and orphans were prayed for.

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