Sunday Service 3rd Dec 23..”Theme:It had to happen.”

Preaching at Church

We were blessed from the book of Act 27verse 21-24, & Acts 8verse 1- 8.

Theme.It has to happen.

Paul and the sailors were in a storm,but the Angel of the Lord had told him that no one was going to die.Because he was destined to reach Italy before Ceasor.

Some storms are meant to shake us in life.Even if every thing was lost at Sea.They didnt lose their lives.And later after landing at Malta island,where he was struck by a snake ..People talked ill about him,again when they saw him alive,they started to call him god.But all this didnt change his agenda.

He prayed for the sick on the island and they gave them all they needed to help them as they continued with their journey.

So it shows us that when God calls you for a mission,you will loose many things along the way,But one thing you should be sure of is that He will make you reach and fulfill your purpose.He was sure that no one was going to die ..even though the ship would be destroyed together with everything in it.It had to happed so that they could reach an Island to replenish and refresh.

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