2023 Christmas preparations for the needy families.

Welcome to December 2023.May our Lord bless everyone as we start the last mile .God has been faithful to us ,even though we have lost some of our loved ones along the way.I came across this video and what Pastor is saying is true.God will take care of those who help the poor.He will heal their families,fight their battles and even bless them abundantly.

It’s the Christmas Season and every year i have tried to see that the poor families also enjoy a good meal at their homes.Last year 20 families got a gift of Sugar,Wheat flour,milk and bread.They enjoyed like others.

This year too,i have a vision and plan to celebrate with the families and even more surprise them with gifts other than food stuffs.

I pray that God will provide.Please let.May Your be blessed and i wish you a happy new month.

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