National exams are over.

Class eight candidates

Finally we can say that our children are amongst the millions who succesful sat for the exams and finished without any incident.In other parts we have hard that some children fell ill,others gave birth and while a few also died.

This warrants me to thank God for his protection and for the provision for the needy children that we have been taking care of since January.He enabled us to provide lunch,stationeries uniforms and even other necessary things during this period.I also wanna thank all of those who stood by our side in this journey.May God continue to bless you.

Just a plea,its just a transition.We still have more that we need to support this kids go to secondary school which is a bit expensive.

During this holiday season.We need to buy shoes ,uniforms,Books,Calculators etc.We have 7 candidates in Class 8.And 1was in high school.he too willneed support to college.Elly is also in cUniversity.He called and told me he was stranded as he couldnt get next semesters fees.Kindly may God bless you as you support this Work.


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