Christmas is a season of happiness and a time of getting together with family and celebrating the blessings of Christ through out the year.We all know that many who were here last year havent had the opportunity to see this Month.

And as this happens,Many families ,less fortunate with Widows and orphans dont get a smile since they lack even food and good clothes.Thats why every year,I always support the needy families in our church and village with gifts of foodstuffs and clothes.

This is no exception as i plan to reach even more families .Since the famine affected many,it will be a blessing for us to help put a smile on their faces.

Please help me show love to them.If tou can share old clothes,Even a little food that can reach them.We will appreciate.I always feel good when i see that God has touched a soul through our work.Please dont shy away,Our God will bless all those who gift those in need.

Luke 1:14

He will be a joy and delight to you,and many will rejoice because of his birth.

Isaiah 12:6 Shout aloud and sing for joy ,people of zion,for great is the Holy one of Israel among you.

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