Dear brothers and sisters, We managed through a fund raising to reach the point of just completion of the church building.However ,because the congregation is stranded at this point ,i wish to request for support to help us finalize it.Currently the doors and windows are not there,we dont also have good chairs and the floor is still dusty.Cases of jiggers biting children is high..

Please find in your heart to help us finish.We need sand ,cement,windows ,doors,and more.We also need to fence the compound ,this will protecting our selves from attacks at night .

We also need a clean toilet..currently we have one which is not in good condition,it is full and we are sharing.The floor is almost falling it,hence posing danger to the worshippers..Please see the attached photos..

I will share the quotation.

Pit Latrines
Outside the church..needs windows and plaster
One door inside missing..
Plastering and Windows missing..
Main door missing..

Any donation will help push towards completing the house of God.

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