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Never judge the poor

Helping the poor is a calling. God uses them to test our faith. He cares for all and encourages us Christians to show love to the less fortunate in our society. May God bless you wherever you are for when you help the needy, you lend to God. Please donate a little towards the support of the orphans and widows in my ministry. They need food, school fees and clothing.Deuteronomy 15:11

Prayer for shift to motorbike from bicycle for ministry.

Dear prayer warriors, am starting a prayer for a motorcycle that will help me on the ministry. I felt the spirit of God telling me to start a prayer season for that. It been too long but my ministry has expanded and i have to reach more widows and orphan where the bicycle cannot reach easily. Every thing is possible through prayers. Genesis 18:14 is anything too hard for the Lord? Never. God bless.

Thank God for Widows healing

Last year, she nearly died. She was so sick and i had to take over since no one was with her. I even adopted her fully to help her with the little food and others stugfs that i shared with my family. Today, she amused me when she appreciated all the help. Thank you for your prayers for us. May God give her more years. If you look at the photo, she still needs beddings, bed clothes and food. Please if you are touched, we will appreciate anything.  Paypal. [email protected] Or just open the donation page and send. God bless.