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I want to take this opportunity to wish you a merry christmas to you and your families and friends,Its been a long year for most of us but finally we are ending it through the Grace of Our Lord Jesus.For those of us who lost loved ones ,take heart and be strong ,God has plans for us  in the coming year. For all who have stood with the less fortunate ,those that are orphans and widows,may God continue to bless you.

Christmas season for the needy.

Hi it’s another Christmas season.I know that most of us are blessed and already there are plans.But my Heart goes out to those many families who would like to join in the celebration.Many can’t afford food to eat,neither clothes to wear and shoes.Lets pray for them.May God bless you. Only 10$ can help someone make the day normal.Please donate to the link.God bless you.


This is one of the young boys that God has placed in my care.He has been struggling to reach where he is today through prayers and 2018 he is going to sit for his High school examinations.I am impressed by his perfomance.I hope and pray that he will sail through .He needs the fees as indicated in the fees structure .Please if it touches your heart ,we can help him reach his goal and in the future be able to support other children who are going through lack too.Please donate even 10 dollars in support of Elly.God bless you.