Work in the church continues..July

With the help.of God,we are still managing to continue the plastering of the church.We are not 3/4 way then we will now start the process of acquiring windows and doors.

May God continue to bless all who have stood with us.The little adds up to the work of ministry.

And this good work you do will never fade away.God bless as you continue to support his work in all ways.

3 thoughts on “Work in the church continues..July

  1. Susan Ribble

    Well done! It is coming along nicely! Keep up the good work and may Our Heavenly Father bless you abundantly so that you may get it finished soon! I am looking forward to seeing you post pics of your first sermon, brother!

    1. Sam Post author s going and i will be happy when we finish it.I will share the photos of me on pulpit preaching..😇This coming Sunday.

    2. Sam Post author

      We just pray inside even though its not complete..We just cant have night prayers as the doors open.but when we do i will share .God bless so much.


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