As christians we are supposet to be like family.normaly we are blessed when we encourage each  other.Moses did it.He stood for the Israelites when God was angry and wanted to destroy them.Yes ,they had sinned but he saw the need to help them.Thats how as christians we are supposed to do. Mathew 8:5 And when Jesus had entered Carpenaum,there came unto Him a centurion,besseeching him and saying,Lord,my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy,grievously tormented.And Jesus said ,I will come and heal him.The centurion answered and said,Lord,I am not worthy ,that you should come and go to my under my roof.but speak only the words and my servant shall be healed. He did a remarkable thing.Imagine this was not a relative,a friend or even his family.But just a slave.Many will look down on others simply because they are just a mere somebody to them.But the centurion ,had a love for the slave,He looked at her as child of God.Many would have said,that they didnt see any need but we should be able to stand in for others ,We are able to change the whole neighbourhood by our love.Through prayers,someone somewhere can be healed.Angels will write your name in the book like the centurion,s just for standing in the gap for someone. V10.When Jesus heard it,he marvell and saidto them that followed ,verily I say unto you,I have not found so great faith ,no not in Israel.And I say to you,.that many shall come from the east and west and shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the Kingdom of God.

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