Sister Esther received food donation

She a member of our church and like others she was much grateful for the gift.She says she didnt expect it bit God answered her prayers through me.She wished blessings to all that made it possible and wish that God gives me more so that i can bless more families that are facing famine.

Sister Esther appreciating for the gift.
Esther receiving her food donation..much happy and grateful she was.

2 thoughts on “Sister Esther received food donation

  1. Susan Ribble

    Now if I only had a translator…🤣! But it is okay because I can see her appreciation in her eyes. May our mighty Heavenly Father continue to bless you, Pastor Sam! 🙏🏼♥️✝️

    1. Sam Post author

      😇 thanks ..i have translated it..she was appreciating by sayiing that she was grateful to Me for Suprising them with the gift of food.They didnt expect such to happen and she now prays that God will bless me and those who have enable this to happen ,she also wishes that we can be blessed with more so that we can extend the gift to others in need like her.


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