Pray for healing.

God bless you family of Christ.I got injured..I stepped on an old nail that pierced my shoes and got stuck in my foot..Please pray because it is getting swollen now .Though going for a tetanus shot .

The enemy is not happy with our Good work but we wont give up ..Jesus is Lord.

My Swollen feet from Nail injury..

2 thoughts on “Pray for healing.

  1. Susan Ribble

    Oh no, Pastor Sam! Heavenly Father I ask for your protection and healing touch for Pastor Sam. You know the great works he is doing in his village and he needs to be able to continue! Send an army of angels to protect him and destroy any plans the Adversary is scheming against him! By the power of the blood of Our Lord amd Savior Jesus Christ, let his healing begin right now! Amen!


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