Since we reside on a rural area of the Western part of kenya,this has made us to only rely on kerosine /parrafin for use in lighting our homes,sometimes it goes to the extent that we cant afford to purchase it,we resort  to old bicycle tyres and plastics .Now as we know ,the smoke emited is harmful to the eye,lungs and health of even our young ones.Thats why we have red eyes as a result of prolonged use of this tin lamps.       There are  currently  solar lamps sold into our the nearest town 10km away.They use solar energy to charge thus reducing the need for traveling long distances for many including the old women who dont have bicycles to travel.They also reduce the risk  of fire burning houses as we live in grass thatched ones.Recently a couple were burned to ashes when there house caught fire.      My prayer and wish is that if i can raise funds to buy this lamps,it will not only save the health of our church widows and needy children,but in many ways ,it  will also reduce a lot of risks that come at night.i.e from snake bites ,as we might not fight them in the darkness( see my  blog about snakes ).as  our children sleep on mats on the floor.may God bless you for your kindness.just a dollar you sent can change the life of someone..we will never forget you and you will be blessed. image image >

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