2 KINGS 7:3-4 Samaria was in a problem,The powerful Syrian army had encircled Samaria.waiting for a chance to besiege it..2 kings 6:24 and it came to pass after this ,that Benhadad king of Assyria gathered all his host and went up aand besieged samaria 25.and there was a great famine as a result in Samaria. It was so hard that people resorted to eating doves dung,ass, head and they even turned to eating there children. v28 and the king said,what can i help you with…and the woman answered .this woman said unto me,give thy son that we may eat him,and we will eat my son tomorrow.29 so we boiled my son and did eat him… So the king became angry and vowed to kill Elisha…there are times in our lifes when the enemy attacks our families and blocks all our finances,programes ,,plans ….the enemy army keeps us hostages ..as aresult we normaly blame God…but at such times we have to know that there is a way that He is opening,but unbelief does cost us …many of us dont believe..Elisha told the king….a prophesy came at the time when the king was blaming the servant of God,,,he even swore to behead him.2 kings 6:31..that God will provide a deliverence the very next day… 2kings 7 The lepers were the lowest of al people in the country.They were forced to live outside the gate because of there contagiuos disease.And they could survive on scrap foods thrown to them..Note ..that they were not given food but they were eating thrown away food just like one would give a dog..but in those days eventhe scrap food was scarce,,like it happens to us..and it was so precious…so the lepers were the first to lack nourishment.Evidently they hadnt heard of Elisha,s prophesy…being a practical people they thought it better to go surrender to the assyrians because they would die anyway even if they stayed back. jeremah 29;13.john 8:32. 2kings 7:6-7 So they rose up to go to the assyrians camp but when they came to the outskirts,there was no one in the camp.The lord had caused the Assyrians army to hear the noise of chariots and the horses ,THE NOISE OF A GREAT ARMY ,SO THEY SAID TO ONE ANOTHER,’ THE KING OF ISRAEL HAS HIRED AGAINST US THE KING OF HITTITE AND EGYPTIANS TO ATTACK US.” SALVATION MORE THAN FOOD FOR THE BODY. The lepers found more than just food.They also found silver ,Gold and clothing,which represents spiritual things. EPHESIANS 3;8 knowing whatever good anyone,does he will receive the same from the Lord,whether he is a slave or free. WHAT THE LEPERS FOUND: 1) THE UNSEARCHABLE RICHESOF GOD; a)SILVER It speaks of REDEMPTION.It was not only used in the betrayal of Jesus.but was also required in the old testament law for the newborn babies.NUMBERS 18:16(NKJV) b)GOLD After redemption,God to us his sovereignity..which is represented by Gold.it stands for Kingship.And we aknowledge God,skigship. c) RAIMENT/CLOTHING Representing RIGHTEUOSNESS.In Revelation 19:8 ‘and to her was granted that she should be arrayed in linen,clean and white,for the linen is the righteousnes of saints… 2)ENHANCED CONSCIENCE These lepers have found more than they could have imagined.Their stomach are full and their stomach are full,and their newly material wealth,they have more than they thought of in their lives. 2 kings 7:9 ‘They said ,to one another.we are not doing right ,this day is a day of good news,and we remain silent’if we wait till morning .some punishment might fall on us ,let us go and tell the king,s household. * They could have held vendetta in the way they are treated,like today many of us hold Racial grudges because of the wrongs of a few who did evil things to them..they are now grouping all blacks,whites ,asians etc to be there enemy.But our God is not a Racist,tribalist,but he wants us all to be helping each other.. * They werent selfish.They wantd there fellow country men ,women and children who were starving to eat…what are we doing as christians to help the needy? *They feared punishment and wanted to do what is right…there is areward for evry good or bad thing we do in life. MAY GOD OPEN UP OUR EYES TO EMBRACE HIS TEACHINGS.GOD BLESS YOU WHEREVER YOU ARE .

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