To all my Christian friends,

It is the end of May 2022 and we are starting a new month of hope and blessings.May has been accompanied by many challenges of sickness.

Many Kids and i were sick from a strange disease,Chicken pox.But by the Grace and love through your prayers..we managed to overcome.

Peter,Merryl and others are currently in school.They are those that will sit for the National exams this year.I also managed to return one boy who had dropped out of school becasue of lack of fees..I promised the teachers to allow him back as i would pay for his fees and books.Am praying that God will provide.

The lunch programme is also on.I pray to continue with it so that the kids can continue with undisrupted lunch.

It is a new month of hope ,Jesus is Lord and i pray that He will bless all those who have prayed for us and have supported in one way or the other.

Last but not least,famine is heating our widows hard,their families are sleeping with out food with tne orphans.Please help me pray for provision so that i can provide for them some foodstuffs

Please any donation will help a child buy food,pay fees,buy shoes and even continue the work of the ministry.

God bless and wishing you a blessed New Month..

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