Helpless Orphans

Kids Straining. As the teachers are still on strike, many pupils are forced to stay at home with parents, while those that come from well off families are continuing with there learning. Unfortunately they will do same examinations at the same time.

I saw these pupils carry a bunch of sugarcane,one of them a young boy of about 7 years was straining as the load was to heavy for his size.I went to inquire from them why they had to carry such heavy loads. They told me that they were hungry and no one was there to take of them, so they travel 10km to farms where those plants are and carry them to sell. That’s how they buy stationery before they go back to school.

I really feel that the young one needs support to keep him away from carrying such loads, or else he might develop chest problem from the weight. I am adding him to the list when I will get a loving kind Godly christian friend to support my ministry.


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