PSALM 99:1-9
‘Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his footstool; he is holy. ‘(v. 5)

In the soul of every Christian there is something that responds to what is holy. Experience has shown me that the best way to understand holiness is to gaze steadily at Jesus Christ and consult one’s heart and mind at the reaction one feels. Never did a human form hold One so pure, so adorable, so holy. This adoring contemplation of the Saviour has been called ‘the secret of the saints’.Their biographies show them to be people who did not just devote themselves to constant probing or asking endless questions of the Bible. Instead they looked in love and longing at Jesus. And their holiness was a by – product of this contemplation. They grew in holiness as they in the steadiness and fixity of their gazing.
Father,may I receive a vision of the moral majesty and purity of the One who is divine.Deepen my understanding of all this.Amen.
Have a blessed Friday.

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