image Her name is Anjeline and she does try her best despite her old age to come to church.She has been a commited member for along time now,and even though she is living in hardship with the her grandchildren,her faith is not shaken.There was atime she was bedridden and we went and prayed for her.Our loving God cares for old women and uses them. she is among other women that listen to the word of God and she loves me ..My prayers for her is to be able to live longer so that the young women at church can be inspired thruogh her adviceshe is very important to the kingdom.    TITUS 2:3-5 3 LIKEWISE TEACH THE OLDER WOMEN TO BE REVERENT IN THE WAY THEY LIVE,NOT TO BE SLANDERED OR ADDICTED TO TOO MUCH WINE.4 THEN THEY CAN URGE THE YOUNGER WOMEN TO LOVBE THEIR HUSBANDS AND CHILDREN.5 TO BE SELF CONTROLLED AND PURE ,TO BE BUSY AT HOME ,TO BE KIND,AND TO BE SUBJECT TOTHEIR HUSBANDS SO THAT NO ONE ‘WILL MALIGN THE WORD OF GOD.

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