Gifting On Christmas

The passion of gifting the poor , widowed and orphans is still going on this period.We managed to get 10 families but the number keeps growing.

There are many desperate families who are just praying for food to put on the table for the kids to enjoy but they cant.Am so grateful that like other years,The Lord has enabled me to bless afew as i pray for more.

Merryl was desperate after sitting for exams.Her grandmom could not afford to buy her clothes.but I managed to put a smile when i got her a dress and blouse and a pair of shoes.

Simon also met me and requested for some food stuffs.I did share with Him Milk,sugar,bread.He Thanked God .

Anne and her family widowed also got a piece of blessings.The number is high.Please help me support them to have a get together with their families during this festive season.God bless.

Simon Also got blessed today.
Merryl happy after wearing new clothes for Christmas.
Merryl was worried before she got her clothes.
Sister Anne at her house.

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