End of Jan 2023

Dear brothers and sisters,

I want to thank God for his love and care through out this difficult month.We started with a loss of our elder at Church.I also have been sick too for the whole month with lumbar disc strain.I have been to hospital and on drugs all through out.

Many others also have had challenges of sickness.But all we say that sometimes we go through tough times to harden our faith in Christ.

However,We still managed to bless some families with food,install the church door buy a few uniforms and still hoping to get funds to pay for fees .The form ones are joining this week and juniour high schoolers too.

I pray that God will make this new month a blessed one for you and your families.Please also pray for us to overcome the trials that may try to stop the ministry.

Please pray for school fees,food for widows ,uniforms ,lunch programme,shoes and healing .

God bless and have a blessed February.

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