Blessing Needy members on Sunday

Even though we have lost our Church elder ,We still made it a blessing to bless the needy on our midst this month.Esther ,Stephen and Lucia among others each got some sugar and foodstuffs from me.God bless you all for standing with us.

Esther is a widow who was left with young orphans.The youngest is 1 year old.She has remained steadfast in Christ and never misses any service she is barely 30years old.
Stephen Is also one of our staunch members.He is disabled and cant walk well.He has a family.he benefits from our help progranme.He loves Jesus with all his heart .
Lucia comes from far to attend church service.,I blessed her with this and something to help her get back with.She never had a child and now she is also a widow.Am happy she is better now.she had been sick last month.

I pray for everyone who has been gifed to help others in need.The bible encourages us to be there to help our needy members.By doing so we show that our Lord is full of love for everyone.We are called to serve.

God bless you and may your houses never lack.

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