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Feeding the needy in church

Praise the Lord Jesus.Today i managed to get some foodstuffs for the members living with disability .They struggle alot and hardly can get food easily.Sister Prisca and brother Stephen were amongst those who benefited.I also plan like always to reach more who didnt come to church next week.

God bless you for your prayers and support.

Marvelous will join Secondary now

This has been a blessed and tough month at the same time.We had more needy students who sat for exams last year and are expected to transit to secondary school.

Many have had a challenge with requirements and fees this include uniforms,shoes ,books,etc.

Marvelous is one of them,she has not been able to get this but God blessed me to buy for her uniforms and some books so that she can get admitted.However she still needs Rim,Books,bag and 1st term fees for her to be safe.Please pray for the children.God will open a way .

Marvelous..wearing uniform ready for school .

Sad story of Peter missing school

Peter has passed exams last year more than most kids i know.I had been looking at him from afar hoping that his parents could take him to school to join form 1.He was called to an extra county school and expected that he would go far and beyond.Little did i know that there was not hope at all.

Today,i happened to see him preparing charcoal in a sad mood and asked why he wasn’t in school like others,and it  pained me that he couldn’t raise fees and stationeries that were required before admission.

I had to intervene and managed to get some support to enable him to be in school .Am glad that he will report to class like others.This month has been faced by more needy cases of students who want support to join Secondary schoolWe also need to feed those we have.But the  desire to keep on  doing the work is burning inside.

May God bless you all for standing with us in this journey..Please donate anything,it will help in uniforms,Books,school shoes ,lunch and even fees.

Wesley&Milverton join Secondary school

What a day that we thank God.Finally they have joined too.Mil and wes are also part of the programme.It was reporting day and the schools were taking new students.

Am so grateful.The work is bigger ahead.Am yet to support others on line.And also the fees for high school a big higher but by the Grace of God,we will make it successful.

Milverton and Wesley ready for Form 1 now.

Uniforms for Merryl

Finally she is amongst the few who have received the uniforms for junior secondary school.Merryl sat for her Exams last year and is joining Junior secondary school.She however still needs books ,Stationeries,Shoes leather(She has plastic shoes) and sweater.I was only able to get the uniforms for now and also praying that she and the others can get lunch support too.I have Milverton and wesley who are yet to join form 1 at Barolengo secondary school.

God bless you.Please know that am so grateful for your prayers and support as we need it.Am still struggling to get well but i trust in Healing power of our Lord Christ.Have a blessed Blessed Sunday.

Merryl wearing her new uniforms.She is happy.