Taking Merryl back to school

She is one of the  needy children i support in the program.She was sent back home 3 days ago for lack of fees.Today,I  am happy that finally she can go back to school.I managed to pay this terms fees and even paid for this weeks lunch for her.

Please find a place to accept my appreciation to you for standing with us in helping of this kids who just need that kind of support to shape their lives.They are so grateful and everyday they send their love and prayers..

Merryl on her way to school

Change of Paypal Account to Moneygram / Western Union

Morning family in Christ. I wanna thank God for his protection over your families. I cant thank you enough for standing with us in the ministry.

As you know,the enemy will always fight the good work.please note that our PayPal account has an issue and we are working on a new one.

I have noted that even the new  one will take time to be working.

So for now we are using Moneygram or Western Union only, details on the donation page. God bless and I pray that you have a blessed New month of October.

Please pray that the enemy doesn’t stop our great work on this ministry.

Please email me on [email protected]

Food blessing for the needy

Today again we managed to get a little food to bless the desperate in our congregation.Sister Rosemary and Brother Have been going without food for a few days.

We are facing famine in the country and i pray that God blesses us with more food to help them.

Please continue praying for us .

Sister Rosemary has 7 children.one has Leukimia and needs special attention.She is also the mother to Stephen whom i took back to school.
Brother Stephen is also a member.He is living with Disability.

Serving the Lord is a blessing..

Transporting poles using a bike for Construction of a house.

Praise the Lord.I thank God for the call to serve him in this ministry.Everyday as Christians we encounter challenges faced by our people.

A short while,Stephen has just come to me that he doesnt have books for school.And lucky i managed to get a little support from our food savings to help him.

Today also  the school children had to get lunch as we had prayed for them.I thank God for the strength to continue this great work of touching souls and giving hope to the widows and orphans.

I also pray for more blessings to help build or renovate houses they live.(We have to carry poles as shown in the photo )when doing that kind of  work.