Pray for Benter

Benter has been having stomach pains on and off,the last time she went for ultra sound and she had PID only.She was on medication and felt better.

Lately,the pains started again.We think its ulcer,she has had the best anti acid drugs but today ,again she has more pain

We believe God heals,and when we take our burdens to him ,he will heal her permanently.Thanks alot for your prayers . Benter is my wife.

Helping a widow construct a house(Caroline Atieno)

I was touched by her story.Her husband passed on when she was 30 years old.He was left with 5 orphans with no home.She found a kind person who gave her a place to stay.Unfortunately she was told to vacate the house by end of october.So she will be homeless.She needs support since she is also suffering from growth which nearly killed her last year.The hospitals needs over kshs 200000 for surgery ..which has left her with the option of getting pain killers every month to easen the pain in her womb.

am really touched by her plight and i appeal for anyone to help her with some little support to help her buy materials for the house.Anything will be appreciate.Please donate via my page..

Caroline ..

Clothes for Jakajos gives him smile.

Today i put a smile on the face of my friend Jakajos.he is mentally unstable and came to visit me.He has no house and sometimes eats from dustbin.The clothes he had were worn out so i gave him some of mine.May God bless him.

I would love to continue supporting such like him ,God blesses all those of us who care for the less fortunate in our midst.Please join me in support them by donating a little.

God bless.

Remember all orphans and widows

Many times as a human who has gone through a difficult life,i always feel the pain of the many widows and orphans who live near me and also those that we pray with.Most of them lack daily food..anything that that stop hunger,they lack medical care,some are in pain because they cannot afford even a dollar to buy panadol which is normally used to relieve pain.

..My hearts desire is to help as many of them as i can,around 50 widows and orphans.I desire to help them with tokens of food ,clothes and even medication.I pray that God will touch someone out there to feel the call.

Please share your prayers with the families here.God bless .