Thanks Giving prayers for Benter,s healing

Dear brothers and sisters in christ,

It has been a difficult period for us after Benter my wife fell sick .She had been diagnosed with Peptic ulcer and Ovarian cysts .The pain was so intense that she couldnt eat or even walk.

We have been in and out of hospitals from october 2020 to Feb 2021.At the same time the prayers we coming in from all over.

We want to thank you all for the support,she is improving and we still request that you continue praying for a complete healing .Our God is faithful and he has heard our prayers.

Though she still needs some drugs to help heal her wounds and also some meals,please if you can help we will appreciate.God bless you all.


MALACHI 3:1-18
‘Then those who feared the Lord talked with each other… ‘(v. 16)

Experience and expression are the alternate beats of the Christian heart. If these two essentials are not in operation, the Christian heart ceases to beat. Then what happens? We settle down to dead forms, dead attitudes and dead prayers. This matter of sharing must not be limited only to evangelism – it applies also to sharing with other Christians the things that God has shared with us. Nothing is fully ours until we share it – the expression will deepen the impression. So in seeking to stay spiritually fresh, discipline yourself to share appropriate issues with your Christian and non – Christian friends. Someone has defined a Christian as one who says by word or deed, ‘Let me commend my Saviour to you’.
Father, may I reach up to You with one hand and reach out to those in need with the other. In Jesus’ name. Amen.
Have a great and blessed weekend.

PSALM 99:1-9
‘Exalt the Lord our God and worship at his footstool; he is holy. ‘(v. 5)

In the soul of every Christian there is something that responds to what is holy. Experience has shown me that the best way to understand holiness is to gaze steadily at Jesus Christ and consult one’s heart and mind at the reaction one feels. Never did a human form hold One so pure, so adorable, so holy. This adoring contemplation of the Saviour has been called ‘the secret of the saints’.Their biographies show them to be people who did not just devote themselves to constant probing or asking endless questions of the Bible. Instead they looked in love and longing at Jesus. And their holiness was a by – product of this contemplation. They grew in holiness as they in the steadiness and fixity of their gazing.
Father,may I receive a vision of the moral majesty and purity of the One who is divine.Deepen my understanding of all this.Amen.
Have a blessed Friday.

Christmas giving to the needy

We thank God once again for sailing us through this difficult year until now when we are approaching Christmas Celebration.

Many of us have plans to be happy.but Many have no plans .They want to ,but they cannot because they are not able to.This are our orphans and widows in our society.

The best way to celebrate is to share with them a little gift for their families.Last year,God blessed me to celebrate with 20 families when i bought them foods stuffs like sugar,maize flour,Baking flour and cooking fat.They are grateful upto today.

Please help me celebrate and put a smile on there faces by donation something little as 5 dollars .I will share with them and also share photos .God bless you family of Christ.

Widow Ann with her daughter

Sweetness of God,s words

Psalm 119:103
Verse Concepts
How sweet are Your words to my taste!
Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth

Truely anyone who has tasted the word of God will testify that it is sweeter .There are days when i lost taste of everything,from Music,to food,to friendship because i was burdened.I was overthinking because i didnt have inner peace.My body was aching and my soul was bound by the enemy.I was in captivity.

Then one of my friends shared with this beautiful word of salvation back in 2001.At first i felt pressure from my family and my friends then,ran away.later It started bringing peace,God allowed new friends into my life,i also had inner peace because i nolonger blamed anyone for my pains like before.I realized that the generational curses are what bring us down.I started praying and breaking the bondage and my inner peace started showing outside.

I assure you that you will not regret any minute you use to serve the lord.God will bless you and he will also be your protector.

May you have a blessed day as we worship our Lord Jesus.